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Steps we will take together include:

  1. Confirm the goal and objective for starting a drone program.

  2. Make pilot recommendations. - (2 pilot per group - recommended)

  3. Create Study plans for part 107 licensing.

  4. Make testing recommendations for testing and costs.

  5. Review NFPA 2400 sUAS program.

  6. Begin Pilot training (once a week)

  7. Introduce administrative record keeping and costs. (Safety Drone)

  8. Introduction to safetydrone record keeping.

  9. Drone maintenance requirements.

  10.  Mission Safety & planning.

  11.  Mission execution.

  12. Consulting services as needed.

1st Responder Tailored Drone Compliance Operations Software

SafetyDrone simplifies these tasks and lets you focus on flying. We provide the tools needed to manage your operations in a single, easy to use platform.

Managing a public safety drone operation is time consuming enough without the added burden of administrative tasks.

Without RTK

With RTK

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